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10 - 17th February 2024

Like the first time

  Reconnect and Fall in Love Again at our Valentine's Day Couples Retreat in Portugal

Image by Kenny Eliason


This couples retreat is designed to provide you with the necessary tools and skills to strengthen and improve your relationship - with yourself and your partner. We invite you on a delightful journey to beautiful Portugal, where you and your partner can focus solely on each other. No distractions from kids, work, appointments, or stress - just the two of you.

Throughout the program, we will explore how your attachment style and family background influence your current interactions. Together, we will identify effective strategies to enhance communication and foster a deeper bond between you and your partner. 



 By joining our retreat, you'll be:


  • Exploring how adverse childhood experiences can affect your relationship

  • Learning about co-regulation strategies, to navigate past (childhood) experiences and foster a healthier dynamic

  • Addressing common challenges such as negative communication patterns & providing guidance on how to avoid them

  • Practicing constructive conflict management

  • Healing past hurts and developing forgiveness skills to mend any lingering wounds


At our retreat, you'll experience:

  • The warmth of the sun, the beauty of nature, and the camaraderie of a supportive community.

  • A genuine escape from the demands of everyday life.

  • Nutritious and delicious meals that nourish both body and soul.

  • Attentive guidance from experienced retreat leaders throughout your stay.

  • Engaging workshops that focus on helping you break free from stress, anxiety, and limiting beliefs.

  • Daily practices to energize your body and calm your mind, including pranayama, asana, energy work, and meditation.

  • The breathtaking charm of Serra de Montejunto, with its beautiful Couple Domes, stunning views, and serene hiking trails, a heated pool, sauna and hot tubes 

Image by taylor hernandez
Couple Holding Hands

What will you learn

Our goal is to create an environment where both of you feel truly heard, seen, and understood. By identifying each other's vulnerabilities, we can respond to one another in a supportive and compassionate manner. During these sessions, you'll explore:

  • Active listening and speaking skills to foster better communication and deeper connection. 

  • Building a secure foundation for a thriving relationship.

  • Guidance on how to cultivate safety and trust within your relationship

  • Problem-solving exercises and negotiation techniques, we will help you navigate challenges as a team while still honouring your individuality

  • The importance of intimacy and ways to keep it alive through touch, sex, and the development of a shared understanding of each other. 

  • Development & Practice of profound Self-Love.


By utilizing these tools and techniques, you will be equipped to nurture a healthy, loving, and long-lasting relationship. Our retreat is designed to provide you with the necessary skills and insights to enhance your connection and create a fulfilling partnership with your partner, as well as with yourself.


Your Guides


Couples Therapist


Known for her warm, proactive, and understanding style, Anita specialises in working with individuals, couples and families looking to make meaningful changes in their lives and relationships. Her focus areas include strengthening relationship connections, healing past trauma, understanding family-of-origin patterns, reflecting on attachment history, and breaking free from destructive cycles. 


Imbued with gentle humour, sensitive suggestions, and attentive listening, Anita's sessions empower clients to act, think, and feel differently; make sense of their experience; better understand how they view themselves and their relationships; and uncover how to break the patterns that hold them back.

Anita has spent her entire career helping individuals address issues including anxiety, stress, self-esteem, perfectionism, career issues, anger management, conflict resolution, depression, bereavement, eating disorders, and relationship issues.


Holistic Health Coach and Founder of MonkeyMindRetreats 


Isabel is an inspiring yoga instructor and entrepreneur who's passionate about making yoga, meditation and mindfulness accessible to everyone. Since 2020, she's been teaching Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Active & Silent Meditation, Energy Practices and Breathwork (E-RYT 200h) and even organizing retreats worldwide! 


Isabels passion for yoga and holistic health has shaped how she approaches teaching and guiding couples retreats. The benefits of yoga and mindfulness for relationships are immense. 

Through her retreats, her aim is to help couples connect on a deeper level by nourishing both body and mind. The physical postures strengthen and open the body while the breathwork and meditation practices cultivate presence and awareness. 

Touch is such an integral part of intimacy between partners. The asana practice helps release tension that can block physical and emotional closeness. It improves flexibility, range of motion, and body confidence - allowing you to embrace your partner freely.




Embark on a soul-nourishing experience, starting your days with an energizing morning practice of breathwork, yoga asanas, and meditation, followed by a wholesome breakfast. Our compassionate coaching workshops will gently guide you on your journey of self-discovery and healing. After a delightful lunch, you'll explore mindfulness through energy practice and enjoy free time to relax or connect with nature. Evenings consist of a heartwarming dinner and a calming night session. Throughout the retreat, you'll also experience energy-clearing and soothing meditation sessions as well individual couple coaching sessions with our couples therapist Anita. 

Here you can find our example schedule. The workshop topics are going to be different every day.

07:30 AM: Morning Yoga Practice including Asanas, Breathwork, Meditation

09:00 AM: Breakfast

11:00 AM: Individual Couples Therapy Session with Anita/ Energy Practices with Isabel

01:00 PM: Lunch

03:00 PM: Couples Workshop with Anita

04:30 PM: Tea Time

06:00 PM: Free Time (Walking, Hiking, Reading, Chilling, Pool, Hot Tube)

07:30 PM: Dinner

09:00 PM: Night Session 


Your Idyllic Location

Experience the perfect escape from the fast-paced city life at SÓIS Montejunto Eco Lodge! Located just 50 minutes away from Lisbon, this tranquil oasis offers the ideal balance between comfort and nature. Nestled in the breathtaking foothills of the protected Serra de Montejunto landscape, our geodesic domes provide a unique and serene setting. 


Immerse yourself in the idyllic surroundings of vineyards, windmills, and a picturesque landscape. Here, you can truly unwind and reconnect with nature. Engage in unforgettable activities that allow you to fully embrace the natural environment and connect with the local community.  Indulge in moments of pure relaxation and rejuvenation at SÓIS Montejunto Eco Lodge. Rediscover the importance of tranquility for your overall well-being in this remarkable haven.

Your Cozy Accomodation

Couple Dome

Our amazing couple domes offer the perfect setting for a truly rejuvenating getaway surrounded by the beauty of nature. Each dome features a comfortable double bed, a well-equipped kitchenette, a cozy dining table, a modern bathroom, and a breathtaking panoramic balcony. 

What else?

Travel Arrangements

Reach us by car or by flying into Lisbon Aiport (45min). We'll arrange shuttle services based on participant needs.

You can also take a taxi or Uber.

Nourishing Food

Savory primarily vegetarian meals that nurture your body and soul, with vegan alternatives available.


Yoga Skill Level



Good to know




  • Six nights of accommodation.

  • WiFi access.

  • Daily yoga, meditation, and pranayama classes.

  • Sauna, Jacuzzi & Swimmingpool access.

  • Individual Couple Therapy Session.

  • Yoga Mats. 

  • Towels & bathroom accessories.

  • Three lovingly-prepared meals daily.

  • Nature walks.

  • Professional event photos. 

  • Pre and post-retreat support from our caring team.




  • Flights.

  • Airport pickup.

  • Specific food or drinks.

  • Visa costs (if applicable).

  • Travel insurance.

Health & Hygiene:


Your safety is our priority. We diligently manage COVID-19 control and prevention. 

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