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Hey, beautiful soul

The expression “Monkey Mind’’ is a concept in Buddhist teachings. Considering that humans have around fifty thousand separate thoughts each day, many of them on the same topic.
Imagine that each thought is a branch, and you, or at least the attention of your conscious mind, is indeed a monkey, swinging from thought-branch to thought-branch all day long.

This might sound like it might be fun, but in our troubled human way the thoughts that are often in our minds are concerned with the fears and pressures of life: What will happen if I lose my job? What if I don’t have enough money when I retire?

The interesting thing is - We all have the mind of a monkey…but we can train it!

We from Monkey Mind Retreats envision a world where we will be able to learn giving our attention to one thing at a time, not spending our life rushing from one appointment to another and focus on what we are actually currently doing instead of what we are yet to do.

We believe in a world of loving-kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity. We want to create space to work with each other and not against each other.






It’s time to re-connect with who you truly are!
And I am here to help you with that!

I know first hand how it feels to be constantly stressed, disconnected, incapable of expressing & processing emotions and not being able to take full ownership of my life. I help you to establish a connection to your most vibrant and authentic self.

I have a Bachelor degree in Social Anthropology and began my spiritual journey studying and diving deep into the ancient wisdom of Yoga. Through my years of studies I became obsessed with learning tools to heal myself and to teach others how to heal themselves & the world around them.

During my advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Delight Yoga Amsterdam I started diving deep into energy psychology of the physical and energetic body. I studied subconscious modalities to support healing trauma that is stored in the body (These healing techniques are inspired by the world-renowned PTSD psychotherapist, Bessel Van Der Kolk). This body-centric approach works by helping to release stress, tension, and trauma from the body. Unlike standard mental health therapy, such as CBT, which focuses prominently on the mind, somatic therapy incorporates body-oriented modalities.

My purpose is to support you to deepen your connection with your true self. I focus on healing your inner child and personal growth through spiritual practices, therapeutical yoga techniques, journaling, and exploration of the subconscious. I’m multidimensional in my work and use a variety of skills, techniques, and exercises to serve my clients. 

I absolutely love what I do and this is why I decided to make a living out of my passion.

I'm Isabel


Isabel is a 500+ Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, Social Anthropologist, Spiritual Entrepreneur and Mentor, holding certifications in EFT, Breath-work and meditation as well as Somatic Healing Practices, Qigong and Ayurveda.

In 2021 she embarked on this entrepreneurial journey with Monkey Mind Retreats and hasn't stopped ever since.
She always knew that I wanted to have her own business, and having done a Master in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship helped tremendously with that.

Since 2020 she is teaching Yoga in Studios, Co-working Spaces and on retreats around the world. Throughout this time she has also given guidance to over 20 individuals, who have decided to re-establish a deeper connection with themselves.
Isabel is passionate about ancient, but also modern spiritual practices - from energy & somatic practices, Hypnotherapy, Guided Meditations, Chakra-Work, Embodiment Practices to classical Yoga Asanas and Breath work.

It is very important to Isabel, in teaching anything spiritual, to maintain the integrity and depth of the practice and the culture it emerged from.

Yoga Teacher Alliance- Isabel Marie Jeworski Founder Monkeymindretreats

Meet the Team

We cooperate with qualified and highly experienced Yoga Teachers & Coaches worldwide. 

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