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Priceless Peace Mentorship 

A 12 week mentorship to bring out your most authentic and vibrant self


Isabel's Heart Project

Priceless Peace Mentorship

will teach you how to be the most vibrant, healed and authentic version of yourself, while creating a life that really feels like yours. ​

By joining PPM, you will:

  • tune in with your own body, understand it's needs, signs and way of communication 

  • improve the relationship with yourself and your loved ones 

  • understand what it truly means to be happy, fulfilled and peaceful

  • be able to create the life you always dreamed of


soul I'm Isabel


"I support you to understand your energy psychology, help you to re-connect with who you truly are while creating a peaceful & fulfilling life"

I know first hand how it feels to be constantly stressed, disconnected, incapable of expressing & processing emotions and not being able to take full ownership of my life. 

My purpose is to support you to deepen your connection with your true self. I focus on healing your inner child and personal growth through spiritual practices, therapeutical yoga techniques, journaling, and exploration of the subconscious. I’m multidimensional in my work and use a variety of skills, techniques, and exercises to serve my clients.

I absolutely love what I do and this is why I decided to make a living out of my passion.


What's included in PPM

Online Learning Portal

which includes a 6 module Course that is phased out over the span of 12 weeks, comprised with videos, techniques, tools, and practices and your own personal Workbook. 


that combines lecture with breakthrough experiences, followed by 30-60 minute Q&A where Isabel supports you live with anything you need.

Direct Support from Isabel

from the day you sign up you will have access to Isabel via WhatsApp and Email (Mo-Fr) for 12 weeks.

This will support you with deeper integration and answer any questions . 

Image by Daiga Ellaby

What we learn

  • Who YOU really are, besides all conditioning 

  • Healing the inner child 

  • How to reprogram you subconscious mind through different meditation techniques and EFT

  • How to optimise productivity, achieve your goals, and build the life you came here to live

  • Your ability to manifeste, imagine and your intuition qualities 

  • Using your body and breath to stay in the present moment

  • How to release stored trauma in the body and receive pleasure

  • Tools that will support you in becoming an epic leader and mentor yourself 

  • Ayurveda Basics

  • How to work with your Subconsciousness  

"I loved how comfortable Isabel made all of us feel from the very beginning. The connections both to self and to each other were real and tangible and ones I will always treasure. Thank you for opening my eyes to my potential and my path to peace." - Susan


This Mentorship is for you, 

  • ​You're ready to increase your self-worth, magnetism, and be the person you were born to be

  • You’re ready to live life fully and peaceful - aligned with your purpose and passion

  • You've always wondered why everyone else has "figured it out" but not you 

  • You want to loose your mind in a healthy way

  • You want a clear understanding of your life’s purpose

This Mentorship is NOT
for you, if:

  • You're not ready to commit to yourself & create lasting change 

  • Your either open not ready to leave your comfort zone

  • You don't understand the value of investing in your own personal development, or you look to partners or parents to validate your decisions of internal growth

  • You are not ready for commitment in any way and won't have time for the 12 week program 

  • You want a clear understanding of your life’s purpose

  • You are not ready to put in the work that it takes you to grow

Image by Yohann Lc


The Method

Phase 1 - Comprehension

  • ​Understanding the state of the art - Who am I really?

  • Identifying + Healing Limiting Beliefs and Outdated Agreements

  • What is my personality type?

  • What is my biggest wish in life and for this mentorship?

  • Understanding my basic needs 

  • Energetic Healing Principles

  • The role of Embodiment​

  • & more!

Phase 2 - Acceptance

  • Letting go of control

  • Understanding the science of stored trauma in the body and how to release it in a healthy way

  • Inner Child Work

  • The habit of Gratitude

  • The importance of your breath

  • Navigating Triggers

  • Overcoming Self-Sabotage & Shadow Work

  • & more!

Image by Dan Farrell
Natural Soap and Flowers

Phase 3 - Healing

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Boundary Setting

  • Energy Alchemy 

  • Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)

  • Breath of Life​

  • Creating Routines that work

  • Finding Peace

  • Food choices and Fasting methods

  • Dream Yoga & Lucid Dreaming

  • & more!

Phase 4 - Change

  • Subconscious Reprogramming 

  • Deep Self-Love & Empowerment

  • Feeding your demons

  • The importance of Kriyas

  • Creating Aligned Relationships​

  • More Embodiment Practices 

  • Prayer ​

  • Mastering Productivity

  • & more!

Coffee in Nature
Image by Behnam Samipour

Phase 5 - Intuition & Manifestation

  • The importance of solitude & silence

  • Deep dive into Meditation​

  • Future-Self Integration

  • The 5 Elements & the 7 Chakras 

  • Strengthening Intuition

  • The Art of Manifestation 

  • Talk Therapy for your Subconsciousness 

  • & more!

Phase 6 - Peace

  • Connecting to Love

  • Connecting to your Higher Self

  • The importance of giving, receiving & serving 

  • Celebrating yourself

  • Practicing Presence 

  • Healing your relationship with money

  • Attracting Abundance

  • Future Mapping 

  • Becoming incredibly magnetic 

  • Implementing Spirituality into your Work and Daily Life

  • & more!

Coffee in Nature

"Isabel is an incredibly thoughtful teacher. It's clear that there is intention behind every retreat experience she designs and I'd fully recommend anyone interested in taking her course or joining a retreat take the plunge!"

- Molly

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