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Retreats Testimonials

Read what other participants say about our Retreats. 

Retreatstestimonials, Healing Retreat, Heal from Stress & Burnout Retreat, Himalaya Hiking Retreat

Sarah, France

Healing Retreat Alentejo

"This was my first retreat ever, I didn't know what to expect. But It was way harder than I expected it to be in a very good way as it really got me to work on myself. What surprised me the most is how everyone participated to create an environment where each of us would feel comfortable enough to share the hardest, deepest feelings. I never felt this safe to share, and it allowed me to unload a lot. That alone, makes me want to come back again. And I am so grateful for meeting such wonderful people. Thank you so much Isabel & Sammy."

Retreats Portgual

Carla, Germany

Healing Retreat Alentejo

"I was so surprised by the whole experience I made with monkey mind retreats. Was my first yoga retreat experience ever & I would do that definitely again. Isabel and Sammy make monkey minds to a really welcoming place, they are lovely people who let us feel coming to a safe place where you can free your mind. Even before and after the retreat they’re there for you. Happy to see how passionate they are. I really can’t put all my expressions together. I think to describe what you’ll going through is you should go true on your own. Thank you so much for the lovely days."

Retreatstestimonials, Healing Retreat, Heal from Stress & Burnout Retreat, Himalaya Hiking Retreat

Vania, Portgual

Healing Retreat Alentejo

"My first retreat and what a blessing it was  I want to congratulate MMR for the flawless program and caring nature. I felt very lucky and welcome to have met all of you. I felt so welcomed that in just 4days we managed to grown into a sisterhood of strangers, a home I didn't know I was missing. The team is an endless source of life and really made me feel seen and heard. Thank you."


Kamila, Poland

Healing Retreat Alentejo

"I found that the size of the group really worked because everyone had a chance to share.I also thought that it was designed well -- each exercise built on the one that came before and you could tell we were able to go deeper each time."


Susan, USA

Healing Retreat Alentejo

"I loved how comfortable Isabel and Sammy made all of us feel from the very beginning. The connections both to self and to each other were real and tangible and ones I will always treasure. Thank you for opening my eyes to my potential and my path to peace."

Retreatstestimonials, Healing Retreat, Heal from Stress & Burnout Retreat, Himalaya Hiking Retreat

Eric, Belgium
Heal from Stress & Burnout Retreat

"I am recovering from Burnout (on sick leave since 9 months). 

Different aspects made me choose this retreat: the focus seemed to be on stress management and burnout which was very relevant to me, I liked the mixed program, I felt a retreat would help me, and the location looked great. 

The retreat gave me a lot of strength and confidence.

I feel much more grounded than before, and I learned new tools to help me keep it this way. The mix of yoga, meditation, and workshops was very complementary, even for someone like me who had never done yoga before.

I now feel that I can truly leave my burnout behind me and focus on what I want to do next in my life.

Beyond the actual content (which was very well-balanced and diverse), the approach of Isabel and Sammy, our 2 coaches, made a huge difference.

From the second I entered the retreat, I felt a warm welcome and a genuine intention to help, to make the retreat the best possible for all participants. It's very clear that they do it from the bottom of their hearts and that's probably what makes the biggest impact.

So if you're considering this retreat and think the content looks good for you, no need to look at the details, just go for it, you won't regret it :)"

Ana, Portugal

Heal from Stress & Burnout Retreat

Quiet mind, enlightened soul - that is how it made me feel!

"I wanted to retreat myself as being a constant overthinker, I get sometimes overwhelmed with day-to-day life. 

This retreat seemed exactly what I was looking for, a balance between yoga and meditation, with workshops related to stress and anxiety. As it was my first time going on a retreat, I have done a lot of research.

The place looked beautiful, the program would support me to unplug, and, above all, the teachers, Isabel and Sammy, seemed to have the energy I was looking for.

I know that it might be somehow difficult to feel one’s energy just from social media, videos, or messages. But somehow I could feel it, and ultimately I believe they were the reason why I ended up choosing this retreat.

I had the opportunity to meet like-minded people, experience new emotions, get in touch with myself, try new and healthy food, focus on the tiny bits of life, and sleep like I have never slept before (as I completely disconnected from the real world and did not even touch my phone for 3 days) and dream, just peacefully dream. 

One of the biggest accomplishments of his retreat: Acceptance, I would say; self-focus and self-awareness.

In our daily lives, we tend to be so demanding with ourselves that we kind of forget that it is ok to stop. It is ok to make mistakes, and it is ok not to be perfect, whether that is professionally or personally.

Being conscious of ourselves is actually the first step towards to what we would like to achieve, and although it was only for 3 days, this retreat turned out to be a life-changing experience. To listen to ourselves, to understand ourselves, to pay attention to ourselves is so important. And that is exactly what I have done for those three days, with the help of these 2 amazing professionals.

I left the retreat lighter, less anxious, and feeling ready for whatever would come afterward.

I would like others like me, who have never done a retreat before, to know: go for it and do not think twice about embarking on this amazing experience.

Trust Isabel and trust Sammy, they know exactly what they are doing. And you know what it is the best? It is that they do it from their hearts and you can actually feel it!"


Ines, Portugal

Heal from Stress & Burnout Retreat

"Words can not describe the feeling! Thank you!"

Retreatstestimonials, Healing Retreat, Heal from Stress & Burnout Retreat, Himalaya Hiking Retreat

Kay, Germany

Heal from Stress & Burnout Retreat

"I was hoping to find a community of like-minded people, have some rest from terrible hostel nights, and work on a few of my problems. 

I thought the program looked quite like what I was looking for and the price was still at the verge of being ok to try it out. 

Food was excellent, the location itself too, overall program was nice, good atmosphere. I enjoyed the yoga."

Retreatstestimonials, Healing Retreat, Heal from Stress & Burnout Retreat, Himalaya Hiking Retreat

Sara, Portugal

Himalaya Hiking Retreat

"This retreat experience has been a big journey for me and I will take it with me for life. It was truly unique. We got to experience so many things which were not touristic at all and very spiritual.

We climbed a 4000m mountain in the Himalayas and it was just a unique sensation. And if you can do that - everything else in life should be easy. It was a very bonding experience with everyone.

I am very grateful and thankful I got to experience everything with everyone. I would like to come back to Monkeymindretreats!"

Kornelia, Sweden

Himalaya Hiking Retreat

"It just has been a wonderful Retreat! We had some of the most amazing days in the Himalayas. We were climbing mountains and discovered some really amazing places with temples, lakes, and mountains. We had great Yoga classes with adjustments, breath work, and energy practices which has been really fantastic for me. I've learned a lot from Kuldeep, Isabel & the rest of the team.

Overall this has been one of the best experiences of my life.

I have also made some great friends and I can more than recommend this retreat! It has been a fantastic journey and I am super happy!"


Leonardo, Brazil

Heal from Stress & Burnout Retreat

"I've always struggled to bring Yoga into my daily routine but with Isabel's classes and through the Monkeymind-Retreats it became an easy task. Her classes are very inclusive so it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, she will invest the same amount of time and attention in making sure your movements are right and that you feel comfortable throughout the class. I practiced with her during a very stressful time and it helped me tremendously in my career. "

Retreatstestimonials, Healing Retreat, Heal from Stress & Burnout Retreat, Himalaya Hiking Retreat

Rita, Portugal

Himalaya Hiking Retreat

"This retreat has just been amazing! We did a lot of different things, which I will probably never do in my life again. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

It was very challenging for your mind, body, and spirit. And I am just grateful for this experience.

Everyone from the team has been amazing and everything has been provided.

It has been a very very good experience and I can definitely recommend it to everyone to do it at least once in their life."  

Retreatstestimonials, Healing Retreat, Heal from Stress & Burnout Retreat, Himalaya Hiking Retreat
Retreatstestimonials, Healing Retreat, Heal from Stress & Burnout Retreat, Himalaya Hiking Retreat

Laura, Portugal

Himalaya Hiking Retreat


"The Himalaya Yoga Hiking Retreat with Monkeymindretreats was, I would say the biggest challenge of my life. I pushed through all my limits. It was not just a physical but also a mental struggle, but I kept pushing. Once we got to the top of the mountain in the Himalayas it was just the most amazing achievement. It was a really good overall experience and the retreat pushed all my limits, that I didn't even know I had.

Thank you so much for organizing this retreat in India! This was an experience of a lifetime and I hope more and more people will join you."

Retreatstestimonials, Healing Retreat, Heal from Stress & Burnout Retreat, Himalaya Hiking Retreat

Maja, Germany

Himalaya Hiking Retreat

"It was really amazing! I've learned so much about myself and we had the best deep conversations during the retreat, especially at night on the fireplace.

I had the most amazing time with Kuldeep and Isabel! We spent a lot of time hiking, and visiting old temples in India and we learned so much about the culture and just got a really authentic experience of India with MonkeyMindRetreats.

We had amazing food and I made very special connections with the other participants.

I would like to come back more than one time! "

Retreatstestimonials, Healing Retreat, Heal from Stress & Burnout Retreat, Himalaya Hiking Retreat
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