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21 - 28th January 2024

Women Retreat

Ode to the Waters within - Let the waves kiss your feet and cleanse your heart



Right when the winter reaches its peak, when we’ll step into the new year, take a break to relax the body and soul, and flow into the new chapter rested and rejuvenated. 

This retreat is designed to accommodate you putting everything else on pause, but You. 

Connect to your body, untangle and embody intentions that are truly the hidden treasures living within - salute all that you’re yearning for. 

In African lands, right next to the Indian Ocean, surrounded by mesmerizing tropical colors, melodies, and smells, we’ll be resting, practicing, and celebrating flowy women’s nature.

This retreat is an ode to the water element. Honouring its’ healing qualities, you’ll be guided into your feminine, resting and regaining your energy through nourishing yoga practices, embodied movement flows, beautiful nature and Ocean sounds.


Deep in my roots

I’m all water. - Ayesha Fayyaz


As you connect deeper with characteristics that water element inhabits, they become more alive in your body, in the way of being - cleansed, nourished, reconnected to your authenticity. 

The Ode will take 7 nights and 8 sunrises. Through carefully selected practices, rituals, and sounds, you will be held to gently explore and reconnect to the wisdoms you carry within. Letting the water be the mirror, the fuel, the home. 


Together yet in solitude. The retreat is designed for a small group of women and even though core activities will be held in the group setting, it’s important for us that you trust there will be enough space for you to be on your own journey, at your own pace. We are devoted to creating an atmosphere where everyone feels in the organic flow, both in the interaction and on their own. We will be combining the comfort of authentic one-ness and the treasures and powers that the group of women creates together.

Image by Womanizer Toys


The Body holds the key, bathe in your aliveness 


During seven complete days, you’ll be invited to carefully selected practices, to feel fresh, vibrant, and awake in your body.

Reconnect, truly trust Her, and be driven by what is true to you. During your time on the retreat, you’ll practice of yoga, meditation, embodiment, and somatic mindfulness daily. All are designed into a 3-step program Ground - Untangle - Flow, with a constant dance between yogic & embodiment somatic practices. Go inwards, move, and bathe in sounds. 

We aim for all women to participate in scheduled morning and afternoon classes, yet we honor time for spontaneity, solitude, and flowy feminine nature too. We want to hold the space and create a framework for you to flourish in consistency and devotion, yet keep playfulness as a key element too.


So, there will be plenty of time to wander around, enjoy dips in the water, eat delicious local foods, get a massage, journal, or melt into the joys of doing the grand nothing.


Your Guides

Feminine Embodiment Coach


Ieva, born and raised in the Baltics, has always felt a strong connection to her body and nature. However, it was through various experiences and teachings that she discovered the true essence of living an embodied life. After going through periods of disconnection from her body, she embarked on a journey of self-inquiry and personal growth, leading her to a deep alignment with her body and feminine nature.


This transformation inspired Ieva to specialise in organic complementary body therapies and guide women in exploring new realms of being. Through her practice, she has gained expertise in dance, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and energy work. Additionally, Ieva is a Design Researcher working globally, driven by meaningful conversations that foster positive change in people's lives. In her body work, she combines her training in psychology, embodiment therapies, and eastern philosophies. Her approach is fluid and adaptable, rooted in continuous learning and intuitive collaboration. In coaching, Ieva prioritizes honesty, transparency, safety, and a departure from perfection and rigidity.

Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Teacher and Founder of MonkeyMindRetreats 

Isabel, a dedicated yoga instructor and entrepreneur. Reflecting on her decision to pursue a career in yoga, she acknowledges the unexpected journey it has brought her on. Through her practice, Isabel has cultivated a deeper sense of self-love and acceptance. Motivated by the current challenging times, she is eager to extend these teachings to others. Teaching yoga has not only allowed Isabel to impart her knowledge but has also served as a catalyst for her own personal growth.


Since 2020, she's been teaching Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Active & Silent Meditation, Energy Practices and Breathwork (E-RYT 200h, RYT 300h) and organising retreats worldwide.

"When I decided to become a yoga teacher, I never expected the journey it would take me on. Through yoga, I've learned to love and accept myself more. And I want to share that with others, especially in these times that can be so discouraging.

My mission is for everyone to access yoga, meditation and mindfulness in their everyday lives; whether through retreats or workshops worldwide. It's been so rewarding to see how passionate people get and it just shows that if you love what you do, the possibilities are endless!"



As for nourishment, we don’t follow a particular diet and embrace the full spectrum of food pleasure. However, the key idea behind the offered menu is to accommodate the tropical climate and the practices - so that you feel light, nourished, and energetic. Turtle Cove has incredible chefs who will be preparing light and earthy Ayurvedic meals every day. We will enjoy fresh, delicious buffet-style meals with local ingredients in the morning and in the evening. Lunch is a free space and time to explore as Tofo is known for a variety of meal options - local markets, fresh coconuts, and seafood as the hallmark of the cuisine, we deliberately want to keep it open and flexible.

Entrance2019-05-28 at 12.29.26 PM 10.jpg


Dedicated to water and flow, we were on the lookout for a space that would feel natural and organic to the retreat’s concept. We were committed to finding a place where the ocean, tropical nature, earthy foods, and serene spaces come together organically.


Located between the tropical seaside village of Tofo and surfer’s haven Tofinho Point, Turtle Cove undoubtedly has it all and beyond. We fell in love with the spaces to rest and practice, the dreamy nature, and the dedication to the symbol of the Turtle, which carries the meaning of strength, wisdom, rest, and transformation - our aims for each woman that joins this retreat.

You can melt and bathe in the dreamy nature that surrounds the cove - palm tree gardens, magnificent sunsets, secluded beaches, and a swimming pool will be available for refreshing dips in between practices. Balancing the exploration of what’s inwards and inspiration from surroundings, this space offers the organic duo for both.

Your Cozy Accomodation

Shared Double & Single Rooms

The rooms are simple yet comfortable, with everything you need for a relaxing stay. The bed linens are clean and fresh, and each room has a mosquito net and ceiling fan to keep you cool at night. The private bathrooms have a shower and soap for washing up. While we don't provide toiletries, you're welcome to bring your own shampoo and other essentials.

Beyond the rooms, Turtle Cove's common areas and amenities are ideal for reconnecting with yourself, nature and like-minded souls. Start your day with a dip in the refreshing swimming pool under the African sun. Spend afternoons lounging in the Greek style outdoor area, surrounded by lush gardens. As the sun sets, gather around the fire temple or central lounge to share stories over dinner. And when night falls, gaze up at the stars from the stargazing tower or relax by the fire pit.

What else?

While in Tofo

Mozambique, and Tofo in particular, is known for its incredible yet still secluded beaches, surf culture, and magnificent water animals that are so rare to spot elsewhere. While we won’t be organizing trips during the Ode, we recommend staying a few days (or weeks!) longer to get on a wave, book an Ocean safari to witness the dance of whale sharks, Dolphins, Manta Rays and Humpback Whales, or dive right in -  his place is also known to be one of the best places to dive in the world too. If you prefer to stay on the shore, Tofo is small, yet alive - get lost in the artisanal markets & just enjoy your stay!

Yoga Skill Level




Good to know




  • 7 nights of accommodation.

  • Breakfast & Dinner

  • Airport Transport from and to Maputo Airport.

  • WiFi access (Invitation is to be less connected, limited connection). 

  • Daily yoga, meditation, pranayama & embodiment classes.

  • Pre and post support from our caring team.




  • Flights.

  • Specific food or drinks.

  • Visa costs.

  • Travel insurance.

  • Vaccinations. 

Health & Hygiene:


Your safety is our priority. We diligently manage COVID-19 control and prevention. 

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