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26th- 30th March 2025

The Priceless Peace Retreat

"The only way OUT is IN."
Join my signature Retreat 

"Unless you do the right things, the right things will not happen to you."

Priceless Peace Retreat


Are you ready to do the right things, while having an adventure of a lifetime?

Welcome to the Priceless Peace Retreat: The Only Way Out Is In! Nestled in the picturesque beauty of Villa Epicurea, our retreat is a playful and profound journey into personal growth, energy healing, and reconnecting with your inner child.


Inspired by Yoga Psychology teachings, traditional Tibetan Buddhism and embodiment practices, also known from "The Body Keeps the Score," our retreat provides a nurturing environment where you can uncover and overcome your limiting beliefs and tap into your fullest potential. 


This retreat offers an opportunity to step into a world of fun, freedom, and inner peace.

After just 5 days you are going to feel vibrant, magnetic, nourished and relaxed - able to manifest anything you want in your life!

This is my Signature Retreat, combining elements of my 12-Week Mentorship Program with my most popular retreat practices.

I hope to you soon. Lots of Love. 



  • Join activities and workshops that deepen self-awareness, leading to lasting personal change and a renewed sense of purpose.

  • Engage in playful exercises to rediscover joy and spontaneity, bringing happiness and wonder back into your life.

  • Heal emotional wounds in a compassionate community with the guidance of an experienced facilitator, fostering safety and growth.

  • Identify and challenge limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns, empowering yourself to achieve your full potential.

  • Learn mindfulness techniques and self-care rituals to maintain balance and serenity, even in challenging times.

Priceless Peace Retreat

Testimonial from our last retreat

"The entire course was exceptionally well-organized and provided a deep, enriching experience. I especially want to highlight Isabel, who was my yoga instructor, organizer, founder of Monkey Mind Retreats and an incredible support throughout the course. Isabel's teaching style is not only professional and well-structured but also inspiring and warm. She has a unique ability to convey complex concepts in a simple and understandable manner, and her passion for yoga is evident in every class. Her ability to cater to the individual needs of each participant made the training particularly valuable for me.
Under Isabel's guidance, I not only expanded my knowledge and skills in yoga but also found a deeper connection to my own practice. She created a wonderful balance between theory and practice, which helped me reach my full potential."

Jana, May 2024
Priceless Peace Retreat


The Body holds the key, bathe in your aliveness 


During five days, you’ll be invited to carefully selected practices, to feel fresh, vibrant, and awake in your body, soul and mind.

Through yoga, you'll connect with your body and mind. We will guide you through poses and breathing techniques to increase your flexibility and strength, both physically and mentally. 

Feel the vibrant energy within you through our dynamic somatic practices. From invigorating movement sessions to calming breathwork, we offer a variety of activities that help you reconnect with your body and harness your inner vitality.  These practices are designed to release tension, enhance well-being, and bring a smile to your face (at least at some point :P).

Reconnecting with your inner child has never been so easy! Our sessions are designed to help you uncover and heal past traumas, fostering self-love and acceptance. Through creative and playful activities, you'll rediscover the joy, creativity, and love within you. Embrace the whimsy and wonder of your inner child as you learn to live more freely and joyfully in the present.


It's all about feeling alive and enjoying the journey!

There will be time to wander around, enjoy dips in the water, eat delicious local foods, get a massage, journal, or melt into the joys of doing the grand nothing.

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 Your Guide and Mentor

Isabel Maria
Spiritual Entrepreneur, Yoga Teacher, Energy Coach and Founder of MonkeyMindRetreats 

Isabel is a 500+ Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, Social Anthropologist, Spiritual Entrepreneur, and Mentor. She holds certifications in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Breathwork, Meditation, Somatic Healing Practices, Qigong, and Ayurveda. Her diverse skill set and holistic approach make her uniquely equipped to guide others on their journeys of self-discovery and healing.

With a rich background in mentoring over 50 individuals, Isabel brings a wealth of experience and a personalised touch to her teachings. She empowers ambitious professionals to live their most fulfilled, adventurous, balanced, and liberated lives by building their confidence, finding work-life balance, creating long-lasting healthy habits, and providing trauma-informed healing. Her approach is rooted in the belief that the only way out is in, encouraging others to explore and heal their inner worlds.

Isabel’s mission is to help you get unstuck and live your most liberated life. Utilizing techniques from somatic therapy and energy psychology, she supports the healing of trauma stored in the body. Inspired by the world-renowned PTSD psychotherapist Bessel Van Der Kolk, Isabel's body-centric approach helps release stress, tension, and trauma. Unlike traditional mental health therapies that focus predominantly on the mind, somatic therapy incorporates body-oriented modalities, offering a comprehensive path to healing.

Priceless Peace Retreat


As for nourishment, we don’t follow a particular diet and embrace the full spectrum of food pleasure. However, the key idea behind the offered menu is to accommodate the Atlantic climate and the practices - so that you feel light, nourished, and energetic. Our incredible chef who will be preparing light and earthy meals every day. We will enjoy fresh, delicious buffet-style meals with local ingredients in the morning, for lunch and in the evening. 

All meals will be cooked and served by our amazing local Chef Teresa.
Check out her Instagram here!

Priceless Peace Retreat
Priceless Peace Retreat

A glimpse into a day with us

07.30 - Morning Practice 

9.00  - Breakfast

10.30 - Inner Child Workshop

13.00 - Lunch

16.00 - Somatic Energy Practice

17.30 - Free time to explore

19.30 - Dinner 

20.30 - Night Session

Where will you stay during
your Retreat in Portugal

Imagine waking up to breathtaking views of Portugal’s lush landscapes, surrounded by comfort and tranquility. Villa Epicurea is your home away from home, offering eco-friendly luxury and a serene ambiance that invites relaxation and reflection. Each room is a sanctuary of peace, perfect for unwinding and soaking in the beauty of nature. Whether you're meditating in the gardens or enjoying the sunset, every moment at Villa Epicurea is a celebration of life.

You can choose between a Single Room (including sea view terrace and your own bathroom),  a Shared Double Room (for 2 friends, couple or if booked indidually with 2 separate beds) and a Bed in the 4-Bed-Room with a shared bathroom. 

Priceless Peace Retreat
Priceless Peace Retreat
Priceless Peace Retreat
Priceless Peace Retreat
Priceless Peace Retreat
Priceless Peace Retreat
Priceless Peace Retreat
Priceless Peace Retreat
  • We constantly argue and can't find common ground. Can the retreat help us?
    Absolutely! Our retreat provides you with tools for constructive communication. You'll learn to listen better to each other, clearly express your needs, and resolve conflicts in a healthy way.
  • We've grown apart and don't feel connected anymore. Can the retreat help us reconnect?
    Yes! Through guided exercises and shared activities, the retreat supports you in strengthening your bond. You'll get the opportunity to reconnect on an emotional level and rekindle the passion.
  • My partner cheated on me. Can the retreat help us save our relationship?
    The retreat can help you process the betrayal, rebuild trust, and decide together if you want to continue as a couple. Trained therapists will guide you through this sensitive process.
  • We're planning to start a family but have different ideas. Can the retreat help us prepare for this next step?
    Yes! The retreat provides a safe space to discuss your expectations and wishes regarding parenthood. You'll learn effective communication strategies and can set goals for your future together.
  • The challenges of parenthood are straining our relationship. Can the retreat help us find our way back to each other?
    Definitely! Experienced therapists will help you develop strategies for coping with stress and improve communication as a parenting couple. You'll learn to support each other and master parenthood together.
  • The physical closeness is missing in our relationship. Can the retreat help us rekindle the passion?
    Yes! Through guided exercises and conversations, the retreat promotes emotional and physical intimacy. You'll learn to reconnect with each other and rediscover the passion in your relationship.
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